New Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots Inspire Hope/Fear

I’ve been a fan of the colonial marine since Master Chief introduced the world to them with the first Halo game (Yes, I am being completely sarcastic).    In any case, I am still waiting patiently for the ultimate Aliens game.  That’s not to say that every previous game with the title has been horrible (as I have fond memories of the old PlayStation 1 Aliens titles, and the Aliens vs Predator games on the PC were experiences that no one should game without).

It’s just that I have seen games come and go this generation, and almost every time I make the comment, “Damn, an Aliens game with these graphics would work so well,” or, “I wish there was an Aliens game with this level of co-op.”

There is no way of knowing, at this point in time, whether or not Aliens: Colonial Marines will live up to my expectations, but these new screenshots inspire hope.  The atmosphere is that of which I have only dreamed of while playing other games, and seeing those facehuggers plastered against a glass (which we all know must break at some point) indicate that the developer understands what it takes to make an Aliens game feel like its part of the Aliens universe.  I can’t wait to see if the game plays like it looks.

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