Who Will You Be In Skyrim?

Years ago, when I started the first Elder Scrolls game (Arena), I made a dark elf named Sindred (my current PSN ID incidentally).  Since then, my Elder Scrolls avatar has always been a dark elf (with the same name).  Sindred was in Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion.  I’m excited to continue that tradition when Skyrim comes out in November, but it’s exciting to see how much of a visual leap the graphics of Skyrim have taken over its predecessor.   What we have here is a screenshot for every one of the races playable in the upcoming massive RPG, so that you can start planning your avatar choice accordingly, as well as appreciate the beauty that will be Skyrim.

Wood Elf






Dark Elf

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  • HOLYYY CRAP! I sooo want to be a Khajiit now. Every character type looks so much more realistic then Oblivion. I can’t wait for November 11th

    • I’m really praying this one doesn’t get pushed back.  Not saying that there is any reason, or any rumors indicating this to be the case, but this is one of the most anticipated title for me, and I want to play it this year. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I’d love to see a Fallout game with this engine, after having spent plenty of time in Skyrim of course 🙂

      • Me to Rey, with Mass Effect pushed back til March 6th I need a new RPG to keep me going

    • Anonymous

      They’ve done a great job on Khajits’s, Orc’s and Argonians compared to oblivion

  • I had 2 characters one was a Nord warrior with 1handed sword and a shield and the other was a wood elf ranger/assassin but I mainly played with my warrior

  • Anonymous

    OMG …. Im loving these pictures, if this is a definate representation of what the game will look like, then this could be interupting rage time.  🙂