Gamescom: ALL Vita games will be downloadable

Sony have announced that every single PS Vita game will be available for download over the PlayStation Store.

Of course games will also be available at retail, on the new proprietary format – a flash-based memory card, although not many details on this have been released as of yet.

Although the PSP Go put many people off digital distribution, Sony are maybe going about it a cleverer way this time round. By making all games downloadable, it’s a significant step forward, but still gives gamers the option.

Other Vita news from Gamescom are the social networking apps that will come pre-installed on the handheld: Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Foursquare.

As well as this, the console manufacturer quashed rumours that RAM on the machine had been halved and also said that any PSP titles purchased on the store will be playable on the new device.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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