Gamescom: 3D focus for Rocksteady and Sony

If one type of 3D just wasn’t enough, Rocksteady have you covered. The developer of the upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum have announced that they’ll make sure whatever kit you’re rocking, you can enjoy 3D.

Of course, there will be regular old stereoscopic 3D, probably your best option in terms of quality. However, if you decide to play Arkham City on a PC, NVidia 3D Vision will be supported.

But what about those gamers with out any cutting-edge tech? Well, get out your red & blue glasses, because you too can see Bats in three dimensions. That’s right: anaglyphic is making a comeback…maybe.

No, but seriously, it’s nice to see a developer making an effort and including features to suit all audiences. They must have had some positive feedback from the GOTY edition of it’s predecessor, to be making this decision.

Also on the three-dimensional front, Sony released details on European pricing for its new 3DTV and, once again, we are being ripped off. $499 in the US and 499Euros (which will no doubt end up as £499). It’s quite disappointing to see seemingly no currency conversion has taken place on PlayStation products once again – PS3 and PSVita also have identical prices across the board.

The PlayStation branded display, revealed at this year’s E3, is supposed to be a low-budget option that allows gamers to take full advantage of their PS3‘s capabilities without taking out a second mortgage.

On the other hand, screens of 40+inches and with decent features are available for around £600 (~$980) in the UK at least, so why would anyone pay £500 (~$820) for a 24-inch screen? I think this one could be a tough sell for Sony.

Away from pricing, it was revealed that North America would be getting a MotorStorm bundle, added to the Resistance bundle that was talked about at the E3 conference.

Written by Raj Mahil

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