The Baconing Trailer Introduces New Characters

Deathspank is back in an all-new standalone hack-and-slash adventure, and his new quests takes him to all new wacky lands (including a TRON-inspired level).

The Baconing is part of the PlayStation Network’s PLAY program, showcasing four of the Summer’s hottest action titles.  The new program allows you to preorder the game and receive certain perks for doing so.  In the case of The Baconing, preorders will earn you an extra co-op character, Roesha, as well as a Baconing PlayStation theme.  Roesha is described as a 70’s inspired female cop, complete with a crowd-clearing disco ball and the ability to heal Deathspank.

The Baconing will be released on August 30th on PlayStation Network, with a 20% discount for Plus members. No price was announced for the PSN version, but basing my guess off the Xbox360 version’s price-point, I’d wager it will fall into the $15.00 price range.

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  • NICE! This article reminds me that I have to finish the second DeathSpank before this third one arrives. Also,  is it just me or the Pleasurebots looks like they just escape from an episode of Futurama?!

    • Soooo true.  I still need to finish the first one, lol.  But I love that game.

  • Just wondering is it pronounced Bacon-ing 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the video, that’s the first trailer I’ve seen.  I’m excited for the next game, and glad they did another.  It’s nice to have an approachable game that you can just sit down and have fun with it. 

  • I ordered this one along with all the other games for the PSN Play promotion. I’m going to wait and see if the other two games will be discounted, hopefully they will be so I can catch up.