Blu-ray Releases: August 23, 2011

This week is a mixed bag of mostly unknowns and re-releases.  There really ‘aint a whole lot to get excited for.  If you’re into collecting every Disney movie ever made before they get locked up into that mystical, magical vault, you might want to snatch up a copy of  Bambi 2 before it’s too late.  Then again, there’s always Swingers – the movie that made Vince Vaughn who he is today.

Maybe we’re all just better off saving our pennies this week for the onslaught of videogame releases that are on the very near horizon.  I know I am.

Here are some of the releases for Tuesday, August 23, 2011:

  • Troll Hunter (2011)
  • Rounders (1998)
  • Blitz (2011)
  • Swingers (1996)
  • Win Win (2011)
  • Bambi 2 (2006)
  • Secret Sunshine (2007)
  • The Beaver (2011)
  • Little Big Soldier (2010)
  • Hostage (2005)
  • Henry’s Crime (2010)
  • Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz (2011)
  • Poetry (2010)
  • Road to Nowhere (2010)
  • Super Hybrid (2010)
  • Burial Ground (1981)

I did get a chance to see the movie Troll Hunter when it aired for one night only on HD Net Movies before it was released as a limited showing.  This documentary-style Norwegian film was much better than I was expecting and kept my interest from start to finish.  Following the mysterious path of a grizzled Troll Hunter, a young group of film makers get themselves in way over their heads.  Although filmed on a shoe-string budget, Troll Hunter had a surprisingly high level of special effects.  Made possible through an interesting use of night vision it allowed for a near perfect mix of fantasy and reality.  Well worth the price of admission.

I can’t say I would highly recommend Troll Hunter, but based on some of the other options available, it’s far and above the best pick of the week.

Written by Bill Braun

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