Dungeon Defenders Coming to PSN

D3Publisher, Reverb Publishing and Trendy Entertainment have announced that Dungeon Defenders is coming to the PSN. In Dungeon Defenders players will take on the role of a hero who must defend against a maraudering bands of evil foes, armed with the weapon at their side and the ability to create towers, turrets, spinning blades of death, and nearly anything else you could think of to protect a kingdom. Multiplayer comes in the form of drop-in/drop-out four player online or split screen co-op. In addition, Dungeon defenders will sport character customization, awesome loot via gear drops, and tradable pets.

Looking at the Squire trailer above, the visual style is reminiscent of both Fat Princess and some of the recent Telltale titles (i.e., Costume Quest). Also, you may notice the October 19th date at the end of the trailer, unfortunately that is for the XBLA release and no date has been announced for the PSN, but it will be “soon.” In the meantime sharpen your blades and get your best defense strategies planned because the hordes of evil are out there and you have a kingdom to protect.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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