(15-21 August) And In Other News…

Welcome to the second edition of this new weekly news round-up, all the news that hasn’t appeared on the site already in one convenient place. This time it’s very Gamescom-flavoured with a slew of new trailers from the European conference.

If you missed last week’s it can be found here and as always folks, feedback, good or bad, is always appreciated.

Monday 15th:

  • As well as the upcoming MGS: HD collection, there will be a MGS: Ultimate HD collection. There will only be a limited run of 4000 copies manufactured of this newly revealed version. On top of the standard edition, it’ll include MGS4 and a code to download MGS1 from the PS Store, as well as steelbook packaging.
  • Gearbox have proclaimed that story missions in Borderlands 2 will be around “3 times larger in scope” than those of it’s predecessor.
  • Lyle Hall of Heavy Iron Studios (who recently developed UFC Trainer) has called the PSVita a “car wreck” because he thinks nobody will pay that much for a device that only does games.
  • Rage will be following in the footsteps of other shooters such as Battlefield and Medal Of Honor, with a code (included in new copies) required for online play.
  • UK retailer GAME has begun selling codes for PSN content in stores. The first batch of downloadable content will be: God Of War Collection 1, Steel Rain map pack for Killzone 3, Siege expansion for Uncharted 2, WipEout HD Fury & MAG.
  • Worms Crazy Golf is set for a release on the PlayStation Network, alongside iOS and Steam.

Tuesday 16th:

Wednesday 17th:

  • Following the PS3 price cut, Sony said “We’re opening our arms for the XBOX 360 and Wii owners to come over. There’s a real opportunity for those consumers to be able to play, what we view, are the best games in the industry on the PS3 this fall.”
  • The HD collection of Silent Hill is no longer a PS3 exclusive title.
  • EPIC Games confirmed they are working on 5 new titles and, perhaps more excitingly, Unreal Engine 4. The developer also reassured that none of their current work is Gears-related.
  • Sony announced at Gamescom that the dev kits for PS Vita are “very affordable” at “1900Euros + VAT.”
  • In the annual ‘Best Of Gamescom’ awards, EA scooped 4 of the accolades Best Of Show (Battlefield 3), Best Browser Game (The Sims Social), Best Console Game (FIFA 12) & Best Online Game (The Old Republic).

Thursday 18th:

  • The legends that will return for NHL 12 have been revealed: Jeremy Roenick, Borje Salming, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman.
  • The CEO of EA studio Crytek was the latest to jump on the bandwagon of saying Vita and 3DS are no longer relevant, claiming that the handhelds are constantly losing ground to tablets through a lack of innovation.
  • The free DLC for Portal 2 has been delayed to September.

Friday 19th:

  • JRPG Persona 3 will be hitting the PlayStation Store on September 7th for £24/30Euros. No pricing for North America has been announced as of yet.

Saturday 20th:

  • The new PSP E-1000 will only have one speaker on-board, meaning the only way to get stereo sound is to use headphones.

Sunday 21st:

  • The final story of the week is one for trophy whores: PS Blog revealed the trophy list for Resistance 3, and in case you don’t see the big capital letters on the linked article, SPOLIER ALERT!

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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