Latest Twisted Metal Trailer and Updated Release Date

Twisted Metal fans are no longer in the dark about when they get their next chance at car combat glory. Spend some time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day and then strap in because February 14th is when Sweettooth and the gang are back.

In addition to a release date we get the latest trailer for Twisted Metal, outlining Dollface’s back-story. Apparently a car crash left her with minor scars that were exaggerated by her psychosis. Instead of seeming a beautiful woman with a few well-healed scratches she sees herself as disgusting and disfigured, hence the perfect porcelain shell she hides in.

I’ve always liked the rough and tumble Darkside, Dollface’s car of choice, as the Twisted Metal series’ answer to a bull in a china shop. However, given that Sweettooth and company are sporting flying mechs I didn’t think Dollface and crew had a chance. And then I saw the Juggernaut. Driving one of your standard vehicles into the back of this gigantic tractor-trailer let’s you and teammates create a massive, motorized monster of death. The ability to simultaneously launch eight mines, aka murderballs, in addition to having an anti-aircraft gun, the meat grinder, mounted on the trailer makes attacks from both grounded and aerial opponents seem trivial. The ability to use teamwork to create uber vehicles seems to have a lot of potential and will hopefully encourage smart teams to use cooperative tactics to own the battlefield.

Forget giving your sweetie your heart this Valentine’s Day and give her your enemy’s heart instead.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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