Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Trailer Is Full Of Temporal Goodness

Spider-Man’s new game adventure is coming October 4th, and it features a time/dimensional traveling storyline that pits Peter Parker’s Amazing Spider-Man in a joint venture with Spider-Man 2099. We have the new trailer, which focuses on Christopher Daniel Barnes, voice actor for Spider-Man 2099. He explains what the player will face in order to fix the temporal mess that is threatening to destroy the Spider-“men’s” personal timelines, and gives details about his role as Spider-Man of the future. Check it out below.

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  • Anonymous

    Fingers crossed that Beenox have addressed the numerous issues that plagued Shattered Dimensions.  That game had real promise but was buggy as hell.  If they only fix the terrible web-crawling camera angle I’ll be a happy man.

  • Spiderman games seem to always fall short…. one developer fixes something bad about a previous title whilst losing some of the good points… I liked the sand box feel of web of shadows … but a lot of the game was very meh..

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately that’s true. I really enjoyed the original Spider-man game on the PS1, however, that had very set parameters for missions, but offered a lot of variety. I don’t think any of the open world games have gotten the same feel of Spider-man the way that original game did.

  • Anonymous

    I like the crazy Danny Elfman-esque intro music over the trailer’s title screen.

    Story looks interesting enough to check out. Never got into the 2099 universe that much, glad to see it being resurrected in the latest Spider-man games.