Dead Island Launch Trailer

I have heard a lot of buzz, both positive and negative, regarding Dead Island. However, this trailer was the first time I actually sat down and got a chance to see some gameplay footage for myself. While reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, in that “small groups of people against the zombie horde” kind of way, it definitely feels less chaotic, but in some ways more brutal. Instead of a relentless zombie horde you are simply up against an entire island full of the undead, which range from slow shamblers to quick, agile leapers. The trailer really highlights how bright the world is, no longer are we left to battle zombies in dark alleys or shadowy military bases. The setting is a sun-drenched island so there is nowhere to hide. Oddly adding lots of lighting makes the world feel more authentic and in a way more creepy, not less. The only potential snag I noticed was fairly nondescript voice acting, with many characters spouting accents that I don’t know if they can really pull off. While this game may have fallen off fans’ radar lately it seems to still be worth a look. Until Rick Grimes goes on vacation we aren’t likely to see this combo of zombies and tropical islands so take the opportunity to dive into one hell of a vacation destination on September 6th when Dead Island hits stores.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • Anonymous

    Gonna get me some zombies while enjoying the sun of a tropical island.  Like peanut butter and chocolate, what a combination.

    • Anonymous

      Heard it is also more melee focused than some other comparable zombie games. I’m hoping for more Condemned style hand to hand fighting than Left 4 Dead’s run and gun style.

      Yeah, the overall brightness of the game is actually compelling. And with the island setting it’s as if the game is a continuation of the end of Dawn of the Dead when they shipwreck on the island (spoilers).

      • Anonymous

        That would be a great tie-in to the original Romero classics.  OK, I’m officially stoked for this game now.

  • Matthew Burton

    The developers were saying months ago that there were hardly any guns on the island, yet at least half these clips feature guns that look as unsatisfying to use as in bioshock. I hope they haven’t chickened out of forcing mostly melee combat.
    Music is the same as the original trailer, reminds me of sigur ros, very nice.