Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Encourages Shooting Frenzy

Forget Angry Birds, and say goodbye to Rush’n Attack. Laugh mockingly at Shadow Complex, and tell Earthworm Jim to watch the skies, because this cinematic platformer, by Ratloop Asia, is coming exclusively to to PSN between late 2011 and early 2012. And while the trailer below is based on early work, it already looks amazing, with hyper-animated characters, brilliant lighting, and a hellovalot of shooting, shooting, and more shooting.

Rocketbirds is ported over from a Flash-based game, but the port has been enhanced for play on the PS3, with obvious controller options (versus computer keyboard), but that’s far from being the only enhancement. New game modes, movies, chapters, weapons, and more will be added to the PSN version of the game. The visuals have also been improved, and while I’m not particularly sure if the Flash version had this, the PlayStation 3 version will definitely support stereoscopic 3D.

Check out the beautiful trailer below. Keep in mind that this is early footage, but pay attention to the amazing lighting and shadow work.

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