Activision rides wave of money from DLC

Eric Hirschberg, Activision Publishing CEO, has announced some remarkable numbers for Black Ops DLC. 18 million map packs have been sold to date.

That number is not for the Call of Duty series overall, but just for the latest title in the franchise. To put this in perspective, Uncharted 2, widely recognised as one of the best games on console, has only sold around a quarter of that number.

Although the popularity of the series in undoubtedly huge, it is pretty surprising the figures are this high – it seems as though the majority of gamers told Activision where to stick it when they introduced the $15 price point. Yet the cash keeps on rolling in.

He also said that total online profits were over $1.7billion; up by $0.3billion from 12 months ago. Furhtermore, Hirschberg detailed the map pack sales for the last 3 games in the company’s premier series:

  • World At War (2008): 9million+ at $10each
  • Modern Warfare 2 (2009): 11million+ at $15each
  • Black Ops (2010): 18million+ at $15each.

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  • Anonymous

    That is astonishing numbers. I love COD. If they offered Black Ops, MW, MW2 and MW3 on the PSN, they would be richer. If Black Ops was on the PSN, I would have gotten it from the PSN.

  • Anonymous

    Wow so sad, what has video games come to when crap like this sell so much

  • Jesus, that’s a lot of money. Hope we see some of that in the form of more DLC.

    • Anonymous

      Me too, but I won’t get the next pack because I don’t care that much for the zombies mode.