Three More SNK Arcade Classics Head to PSN Today

Not only does PSN provide new, exciting downloadable games each week, but smart publishers are transferring some of their back catalog to the service as well. Luckily for old school arcade fans SNK Playmore USA is one of those publishers. They have already released Athena, Ikari Warriors, and Guerilla War, in addition to other lesser-known titles, as PS minis. Now Alpha Mission, T.N.K. III, and Vanguard II will be hitting the PSN later today. These commemorative “retro-arcade emulations” represent key titles in SNK’s and arcade history.

Alpha Mission, originally released in 1985, was the precursor to the early NEOGEO title Alpha Mission II – no surprise there. It follows classic shoot’em up (aka shmup) tropes of collecting power ups and blasting the hell out of your opponents.

Another blast from the mid 1980s, T.N.K. III is the first appearance of Colonel Ralf, prior to his appearance in Ikari Warriors. T.N.K. III also provides a reminder of a classic retro genre, the “tank games” of early consoles and arcades – think shmups without the automatically scrolling screen. Use both your machine guns and cannons to decimate the opposing army.

Vanguard II builds off the unique legacy of Vanguard, which was the first scrolling shooter that allowed you to move in multiple directions, as well as shoot in four distinct directions. You must face airborne as well as ground-based enemies in order to destroy the oppositions base.

If you love classic arcade shmups look no further than this week on the PSN. For about the cost of a meal at McDonalds you can pick up three games that will transport you back to the arcades of old. All three titles will be available via today’s PSN update as PS minis and retail for $2.99 each.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • Hey guys just thought you might like to Know I tried to access this article and the Resisstence 3 review and internet explorer said the site was under maintenance or that there was a programming error with the site

    • Anonymous

      Looks like this has been resolved (i.e., I clicked on the link and it worked), but thanks for letting us know. Feedback, especially about problems – technical or otherwise – is always helpful.

    • That may have been me, sorry.  I’ve been making changes to the menu and the side bar over the last few days along with other back end stuff in preparation for a revamped site.

      • Anonymous

        ooooOOooohh   lookin forward to it…..

  • Anonymous

    So it’s cool that SNK is bringing these games over but I wish they’d give PSN some Metal Slug / KoF love. I already got them on the 360 but I’d rather have them on the PS3. Yes, I know we have those PS2 collections but I want trophies and online co-op / mp!

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately for these titles they seem to be pushing the PS minis angle, which includes being playable on PSP, but also means we won’t be seeing any trophies. I agree that some Metal Slug love would be great I have the Metal Slug 4/5 compilation for PS2 and that is a great couch co-op destruct-a-thon.

  • I like that SNK is making these titles for both the PSN and PSP. Now they should have charge one price for the Neo Geo titles then you could have the best of both worlds (PSN/PSP).

  • I wish they would release more Turbografix games. I want to see Double Dungeons on PSN! :p