Disgaea 4 is available now. This is the one with the graphical improvements, dood. The one that takes advantage of that new HD word, dood.

In all seriousness, Disgaea 4 is out now, and it comes packed with everything that fans of the series love… but we finally get the game with updated HD visuals, and the 2D art and animations look amazing in high def.

Above and beyond bringing the series to its true next-gen look, Disgaea 4 features the following:

Ultra High Stats: Break the standards of games! Lv. 9999, a hundred million damage! Enemies stronger than reality should allow!

Custom Party: Create and manage your own political cabinet to alter your team’s stats and strengths!Infinite

: Randomly-generated maps and ultra powerful enemies make Disgaea 4 the most cost-effective game in town. More story chapters and characters will become available through DLC, too!

Sharing Custom Contents: Finally, players can create their own army of darkness and share it online! Your characters will invade other players, and your win/loss stats can be viewed online!

Tons of DLC: New characters, story chapters, and much more will be available as downloadable contents though the PlayStation®Network!

To my knowledge, no other game on the planet allows you to do as much damage as this series, and there is a certain satisfaction to building up your characters and party to the point where your damage exceeds comprehension.

Disgaea 4 will allow for players to create their own custom maps and share them with friends and other fans. You can also design your own pirate ship and use it to attack them. So it’s safe to say that there will be plenty to do, on top of simply going through the story and leveling your group.

PSNation writer, Justin Spielmann lives, breaths, eats, drinks, and dreams the Disgaea series. Expect some hands-on from him in the near future. Yes… I just called him out.

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  • Anonymous

    I still live in the nostalgia of Shining Force 1 & 2.  Is this something similar enough that it’s worth getting into?

    • I wish I could say.  I’m kinda like you.  I love the series, but hopefully Justin can shed some more light on the game.  He’s the expert in these matters.

      I do like the online concept of building maps and ships.

    • Anonymous

      Disgaea is turn-based like Shining Force but that’s about it. Disgaea’s gameplay runs far deeper than anything SF did, though that’s to be expected considering how old SF is. If you are into strategy RPGs and only play one, Disgaea is the one you should get. Beating the game is just the beginning, as the bulk of your time will be in the post-game building your levels into the 1000s in order to tackle ‘hidden’ bosses and get super powerful loot. If that sounds like your kind of fun, no game does it better than Disgaea.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the info.  I may have to rent this now and try it out.

      • Anonymous

        Everything that acidbitter said is very, very true. The “base” game is about 60 hours and as he eluded to you can spend hundreds of hours more upgrading everything, including playing levels inside of items to level them up. Ever wanted to fight through ten floors of bad guys inside a potion, now you can. It’s ridiculous and awesome, from the stories, which include a bratty demon fighting space men who were hired by angels (Disgaea 1), to just how large and deep these games are.

  • I rented this game just to try for a few hours and I liked the game but I was terrible, I died constantly before the end of first chapter.

    • Anonymous

      You need to go back and level up by replaying old missions, which I realize can be a deal breaker for some people. Also, make sure to spend your money to upgrade your equipment, don’t hoard it early in the game. Also, hire some mages early so you can exploit elemental weaknesses. Once you get rolling and have your party beefed up, it is a great time. It sure is fun to one shot every enemy on a map, including bosses.