New patch for inFAMOUS 2

inFAMOUS 2 has received a title update which includes a few alterations to the user generated content.

Missions can now be linked so they are played in a set order and reviews have now been enabled, allowing players to advise others on whether a level is worth the time. Levels can also be searched for by the author’s name.

Furthermore, ‘Titan’ and ‘The Devourer’ can be used in UGC missions, two bosses which will be an interesting addition. Lastly, Cole’s health and energy levels can now be modified for the start of the level.

Sucker Punch, recently acquired by Sony, explained the tweaks:

“[Titan and The Devourer] are mammoth characters that can be used in any way you can think of. Have the two be friends, have them fight each other, have them protect Cole. It is all up to you.

Shortly after the launch of inFAMOUS 2 we started to see UGC mission series. Playing these missions in order was a little on the challenging side and we wanted to make it easier for the mission creators and the fans playing these missions, and Mission Linking does that. You can now select another mission as a follow-up mission. Just update the properties on the Mission Start in the editor and publish all the missions associated. Once they’re all on the server you’ll have a link series of missions. When a player completes the mission they will be given the option to continue directly to the next linked mission.”

Written by Raj Mahil

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