NBA 2K12: Watch an entire quarter

2K have released some new gameplay for this year’s basketball sim. Check out the video below, with a whole quarter of a matchup between the Clippers and Celtics.

If you want to play the new title for yourself, the demo is now up on the PSN – where you can replay last year’s final between the Mavs and the Heat. Plus, if you just can’t get enough 2K12, see the game’s official Facebook page for an entire series of developer diaries, detailing different game modes, controls and much more.

After last year’s fantastic iteration, 2K looks to be improving and refining the franchise to new levels. Time will tell though whether the potential outcome of the current NBA lockout will affect sales of the new game.

NBA2K12 Gameplay Celtics vs Clippers

Written by Raj Mahil

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