New Screens and Art from The War of the Worlds Highlight Paddington Station

When the term “2D platformer” is tossed around these days, folks tend to think of plumbers and hedgehogs, with the occasional pink puffballs, vampire hunter, and intergalactic bounty hunter.

But, back around the same time that Sonic the Hedgehog was working the alleys to try and get a new pair of red shoes for his interview with SEGA, another type of game also fell into the platformer category. Those of you familiar with games like Flashback, Prince of Persia (the original), and Out of this World will know exactly what I’m referring to.

It’s our love and appreciation for those amazing 2D adventures that has us excited about War of the Worlds, and that’s without even factoring in that the source material has seldom visited the gaming world, despite its strong influence in so many titles these days (Resistance, Orson Welles says hello).

While the narrative places your character (Arthur Clarke) in the same time-frame as the 1953 movie adaptation, this War of the Worlds introduces a new story arc, characters, locations, and sub-plots. The gameplay is heavily inspired by the games I previously mentioned, and these screenshots showcase a local from early in the game, with those influences evident in the style and character art.

If you are a fan of either the alien invasion book, movie, or even the play mechanics of those platformers from the SNES/Genesis days (also available on PCs of the time), keep your eyes open for War of the Worlds.

concept art.

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