Vanillaware’s Latest Headed to North America Courtesy of XSEED

A 2D turn-based RPG isn’t anything new for the PSP, unless of course the company developing that RPG is Vanillaware, developers of Odin Sphere and Grimgrimoire on the PS2. Known for creating gorgeous hand-drawn 2D visuals Vanillaware will be partnering with publisher XSEED Games to bring Grand Knights History to North America this winter. Grand Knights History is set in the land of Listia, a continent modeled after medieval Europe and home to three competing nations – Union, Avalon, and Logres. As an army captain you must choose among the three nations, help to raise and train your fellow soldiers, and send them off to war in an ever-changing online campaign. Players will progress through offline quests and intense 30-hour online skirmishes based around strategic RPG combat. Look for Grand Knights History on both UMD and as a PSN digital download this winter.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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