Battlefield DLC will be timed exclusive

All DLC packs for the upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 will hit the PSN first. At the moment, its adversary Call of Duty has timed exclusivity on the 360, so going by this move and recent PS3-only freebies in Medal of Honor & Dead Space, it looks like EA have nailed their colours to the Sony mast.

The deal will begin with Back to Karkand, a pack that is also included in the limited edition version of the game. Writing on the PS Blog, Tommy Rydling of DICE had this to say:

“You’ll be happy to know that, starting with our first expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand, all full-blown upcoming expansion packs for the game will appear one week early exclusively on PlayStation 3!”

DICE have also moved to assure console gamers that are “definitely not getting less of a game. It’s the same amount of destruction and the same amount of visual fidelity.” This a reaction to the feeling that the PC version will be far superior.

Furthermore, the hype train continues at full speed as pre-orders for the FPS have topped 1.5 million – the bonus guns and classes being the main incentive for players to reserve their copy in advance.

In other news, EA took a sly dig at Activision by choosing the tagline “Go Above and Beyond the Call”, obviously a reference to the rival series which EA will hope they surpass this Christmas.

And finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without some talk from the aforementioned COD; the publisher’s strategist Robert Bowling insisting they’re not bothered about selling a lot of copies. He of course was speaking whilst wallpapering his office with spare $100 bills that were no longer crisp enough to grace his gigantic wallet:

“Not at all, there’s no buy in on that sort of stuff. We don’t care about sales numbers, we don’t care about competition, we don’t care about beating anyone. Our 100 percent focus is making a game that we’re going to love to play, that we’re going to be proud of, and that we know that our fans are going to play. To us, we don’t care if there are three people playing it or 30 million people playing it. If there are three people having a great time then we’ve done our job correctly and we will be happy.”

I’m sure they would prefer the 30 million though. After all, those new company private islands aren’t going to pay for themselves…

Written by Raj Mahil

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