(19-25 September) And In Other News…

Despite it getting to ‘that time of year’ and most of the buzz is about new games rather than announcements, the news has picked up again this week. All of the news on the two big shooters are here and the rest is below.

Monday 19th:

  • The organisers of the Tokyo Game Show announced that the event saw record attendances – 222,658 gamers got involved, around 15,000 more than 2010.
  • SCE president Shuhei Yoshida claims Sony found it “shocking” that 3DS now has an add-on for a second circle pad. He also thought that “maybe a Capcom producer told Nintendo that to play Monster Hunter we need [two] analogue sticks” as well as saying he doesn’t think their recent price drop was in response to the PS Vita’s price, but because of Nintendo’s own sales targets.

Tuesday 20th:

  • Ubisoft now have a “special partnership with SCE” – starting with the original Assassins Creed being bundled free with PS3 copies of the upcoming title Revelations.
  • A new novel based on the Uncharted series, named The Fourth Labyrinth, will hit the shelves in the US on October 4th, around a month before the launch of Uncharted 3 to get you in the mood. There’ll also be a series of six comic books following Drake’s adventures – these will start appearing in stores from November 30th. No word on a release anywhere outside the States just yet.

Wednesday 21st:

  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has been delayed until spring next year at the very earliest. The spin-off was previously scheduled to hit the PlayStation 3 this year.
  • PSP and PS Vita will be cross-platform compatible in local multiplayer. Kind of. Well, if you have a PSP title installed on your Vita, you’ll still be able to use the multiplayer features and can play against friends who have the old handheld.

Thursday 22nd:

  • The unlikeliest of sources, an Israeli TV staion has leaked some artwork for Dead Space 3, although EA have declined to comment on a 3rd iteration of the horror series.
  • Harmonix has been sued by its former parent company, Viacom, for almost $132million. The discrepancy relates to earnings being miscalculated for the Rock Band games.

Friday 23rd:

  • Americans will be getting a new Uncharted 3 bundle, coinciding with the game’s launch on November 1st. The $300 package will include the standard edition of the game along with a 320GB PS3 and a month subscription to PS Plus.
  • John Spinale, VP of games streaming service OnLive, believes that the platform will take “at least 5 years” to surpass PlayStation, claiming that gamers will realise the value when they see the $500 price tag of next-gen consoles.

Saturday 24th:

  • Mortal Kombat has received a huge patch; it’s mainly fixes to the gameplay for online play, preventing crashes etc. and also tweaks for each character to correct issues with certain moves.
  • Former developer of recently shut down cash-cows Tony Hawk’s & Guitar Hero, Neversoft, have begun work on an FPS and began to advertise for jobs this week.

Sunday 25th:

  • Warner Bros have sent out the closed beta invites for their new FPS Gotham City Imposters. Did you get one? Let us know below.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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