The Cursed Crusade: Latest Trailer, Demo Info, and Updated Release Date

The Cursed Crusade is the latest title from French developer Kylotonn, and is being published in North America by Atlus and in Europe by dtp entertainment AG. In The Cursed Crusade you play as Templar Denz de Bayle, fighting alongside your partner Esteban Noviembre during the Fourth Crusade. As you travel across thirteenth century medieval Europe you search for the cure to the curse that threatens to consume you. The trailer shows off not only the period appropriate weapons and gives fans a taste of the melee-focused combat engine, but also provides a hint at the Templar’s Curse abilities, which casts the world in a hellish orange glow.

The release date for The Cursed Crusade has been moved back two weeks, so it will now be on store shelves October 25th. Prior to its release a demo will be made available via PSN, however no date for the demo has been announced. The demo will focus on the “Assault on Castle Biron,” which follows Denz and Esteban as they seek to storm the mighty fortress. Under a cloud of burning arrows players will tear through the castle’s defenders to finally confront Martin d’Algais, a longtime friend of Denz’s family.

This drama of redemption and violence is only a few weeks away. Are you ready to cast off the curse and survive?

Written by Justin Spielmann

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