PES: Day one patch adds 3D + details on online play emerge

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will be continuing with the current trend of games getting an immediate patch. However, whereas these things are usually reserved for fixes to crashes or bugs, this one will add 3D. Although I’m sure fans of the series will find this a nice surprise, could they not have made this decision months ago and included it on the disc?

As well as the patch, Konami have sent out some info for the online aspect of the soccer sim. The Japanese development team behind the franchise, headed up by the legendary ‘Seabass’, have seen their game fall behind FIFA during the past few years and online is a key component of that shift.

Though it’s still nowhere near EA’s impressive ability to have a full match of user-controlled players with 11 vs 11 online, PES has made a significant step forward  by now supporting 8 players in a games.

They’ll also be going some way toward eliminating a big annoyance, especially prevalent in sports games: quitters. On top of the technique that’s now somewhat commonplace, pairing up perennial quitters, they will also be banning players who continually quit when losing. EA, take note – this is what we’ve wanted for years.

Social networking features and a new in-game community hub for players to chat in will be added too, along with more gameplay-focuses tweaks such as the ability to save certain tactics and formations for regular use, just like you would in offline play.

Here’s the full release from Konami:

“The game’s Master League Online retains the competitive basis as users steer their club to glory against other like-mined users, but the popular option has been tailored to offer a more realistic experience. Team styles can now be altered to benefit the user’s favoured playing style, with options to choose from balanced play, physical, speed, technique, set-pieces and teamwork. The use of contract periods for players has also been introduced and players may have to be sold if their wage and improved contract demands cannot be met. Likewise, the fitness – even injuries – of players is more realistic, with more continuity between matches.

PES 2012 is a game designed to play with and against friends, and the game now offers matches for up to eight people via the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions. To complement this, Community Mode has been improved to give users access to a wider range of opponents. Community groups of up to 100 users can be joined, and there are Bulletin Boards for members to pass on messages to each other. Similarly, inter-community matches have been incorporated to add rivalry between the groups.

The general match-making elements of online play in PES 2012 have also been overhauled. Players are now more likely to be pitched against a rival whose manner resembles their own. Those disconnecting to thwart a defeat will also be blocked from competitions and players with poor reputations will be pitted against one another and the whole PES 2012 online system has been enhanced to offer a smoother experience.

Facebook functionality has also been added in the form of myPES, a special tool that allows users to invite friends into bespoke leagues and that will see match results being trackable via the myPES application. myPES is available as a free Facebook application when PES 2012 launches, and will enable users to share match results among friends via their Facebook walls. This service will then be extended in October, to allow people to invite friends into their own competitions, log their results and automatically update the league tables after online or offline matches among human players and unlock a range of special awards.”

Written by Raj Mahil

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