Of Orcs and Men: New Screenshots And Story Details

When I think of orcs and goblins my mind conjures up images of slow witted, green-skinned, cannon fodder that I will just hack through on my way towards victory. On the other hand humans are ensconced in my brain as the ultimate good guys, righteous and noble in their cause. It is shocking that it has taken so long for a game to come along that flips this dynamic on its head. Of Orcs and Men places you in the role of a veteran orc warrior that has suffered oppression and persecution at the hands of a stifling human empire. Your ultimate goal is to kill the Emperor, who is responsible for the enslavement of your people. Working with a goblin, another undesirable race in the eyes of the Empire of Men, you must infiltrate behind enemy lines and attempt to enact your murderous plans.

From these new screenshots it is clear that producer Cyanide and developer Spiders are working to craft a dark fantasy world for this RPG to be set in. Of note is that the orcs, while larger than the humans, appear to outnumbered and under equipped compared to their imperial antagonists. If you wish to fight the good fight for the future of orc kind than prepare for Of Orcs and Men when it releases in 2012.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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