Trailers For Two New Tables Coming to Marvel Pinball

** UPDATE **
We got to sit down with Neil Sorens, Creative Director at Zen Studios at New York Comic Con right before the announcement and he gave us a quick overview of the tables.
Interview at NYCC

Attention True Believers and pinball aficionados. Zen Studios, purveyors of all things digital pinball, have announced that Marvel Pinball, their popular PSN title, is going to be expanding in the near future. Dubbed the Vengeance and Virtue DLC line, this series of four tables will add new depth to the digital pinball you love. The first two tables to be announced are Ghost Rider and the X-Men.

The Ghost Rider table has you battle against the forces of hell and other classic villains, ranging from the amazingly lame Orb to a fallen angel. Of course it wouldn’t be Marvel Pinball without all these evildoers actually appearing on the table and battling our boy Johnny Blaze while players give their fingers a workout frantically sending pinballs hurtling for bonuses. Besides who doesn’t love a shotgun-based multi-ball?

The X-Men table casts players as Professor X as you attempt to first assemble your team and then to tangle with Magneto, the Master of Magnetism. Fight him long enough and he will reveal additional opportunities for bonuses. Hit the right ramp and you even get to utilize the power of Cerebro.

These two tables, in addition to two as yet unrevealed tables, will be available sometime this winter via PSN. Excelsior!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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