PlayStation Vita launch date announced

PlayStation Vita will be in gamers hands by the end of February, SCE revealed today.

The successor to the PSP is landing in Japan before Christmas, but Western gamers still didn’t know of an official launch date. Also, although US & Europe had pricing confirmed at E3, PlayStation fans from Britain, Australia and Canada still hadn’t had the cost of the new handheld confirmed.

The portable device currently has over 100 titles in production, including the likes of Call of Duty, Resistance, Little Big Planet, FIFA and Assassins Creed. Here is the full worldwide release schedule, along with pricing:

  • Japan – 17th December 2011 – 29,980 Yen (3G) – 24,980 Yen (Wi-Fi)
  • USA – 22nd February 2012 – $299.99 (3G) – $249.99 (Wi-Fi)
  • Canada – 22nd February 2012 – Unannounced (3G) – $249.99 (Wi-Fi)
  • UK – 22nd February 2012 – £279.99 (3G) – £229.99 (Wi-Fi)
  • Rest of EU – 22nd February 2012 – 299.99 Euros (3G) – 249.99 Euros (Wi-Fi)
  • Australia – 22nd February 2012 – $449.95 (3G) – $349.95 (Wi-Fi)

Jack Tretton, president of SCEA, had this to say:

“PlayStation Vita will redefine traditional boundaries of gaming and blur the lines between entertainment and reality.  Its launch will serve as a pivotal point in the history of portable gaming and create a new fan base of PlayStation gamers for generations to come. With its technological prowess and social connectivity, PlayStation Vita offers an experience beyond anything available on the market. Features such as the dual analog sticks, dual cameras, and front and rear touch pad are all designed to deliver the unique, powerful gameplay experiences consumers have been asking for and enable new ways for users to connect with the world around them.”

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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