(17-23 October) And In Other News…

Monday 17th:

  • As Batman: Arkham City review scores hit the net over the weekend, the huge superhero title was soon hitting an average of 95. When asked what it’d mean if it scored higher than Uncharted 3 and Gears 3, Dax Ginn of Rocksteady replied “I think I’d do a nudie run”. He went on to say “I think if we were to be regarded as triple A alongside the sort of titles that you’ve mentioned, it would really vindicate so many of the creative end production decisions we’ve made as a team”, as well as justifying the decision to keep a small, tight-knit team that delivered success with the first game.
  • The upcoming Modnation Vita title has finally been given a name. Sony opened up to take suggestions from anyone and chose Modnation Racers: Road Trip from the thousands of entries. They also handed out “some goodies” to gamers who had the best ideas.

Tuesday 18th:

  • DICE revealed a few stats from the Battlefield 3 beta – most notably that over 8.1million people participated. They also saw 47 billion shots fired and 1.5 billion deaths.
  • Ken Levine, head of Irrational Games, has claimed the studio may actually outsource the “experimental” Bioshock game he announced at this year’s E3.
  • Following on from XBOX titles Gears 3 and Forza 4, PlayStation exclusive Uncharted 3 will be getting a season pass. The $24.99 pass, named ‘Fortune Hunters Club’ will allow download of all DLC, with the first pack arriving in November.

Wednesday 19th:

  • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record has some DLC heading its way. On October 25th, players can turn Frank West into a cyborg (adding new electric attacks) for $1.99.
  • The level cap for PSN trophies has been lifted. The ceiling was at level 50, but that’s now been changed to an unknown level. The gamer with the most trophies in the world, known as ‘Hakoom’ has now reached level 55, with a trophy count of 15,662. That guy has way too much time on his hands.
  • The PlayStation Store has now launched on the Sony Tablet S. At the moment though, there are only 10 titles available – all PSOne classics priced at $5.99. The games are as follows: Cool Boarders, Destruction Derby, Hot Shots Golf 2, Jet Moto, Jet Moto 2, Jumping Flash!, MediEvil, Motor Toon, Grand Prix, Rally Cross, Wild Arm.

Thursday 20th:

  • Following on from Red Dead Redemption a few weeks back, Rockstar has also announced a complete edition for L.A. Noire. The original game will be bundled with all of the DLC (cases, challenges, weapons and outfits) but the pricing is a bit off – in the US it’s $10 cheaper than a new retail game at $49.99, but in Europe it’s being priced the same as a new release at £39.99.
  • Reports began to emerge that Sony and Ubisoft were closing in on a deal to produce an Assassins Creed movie, a rumour that by the end of the week looked as if it was fact (see Sunday).
  • Sticking with Assassins Creed news, Ezio Auditore (the main protagonist of II, Brotherhood and Revelations) will be a playable character in Soul Calibur 5. Thankfully, unlike some other characters in the game, Ezio will not be exclusive to a specific platform or a pre-order bonus.

Friday 21st:

  • Mass Effect fans, you may want to clear some time in your diary for January, because BioWare announced some exciting news this week. A single-player demo and a multiplayer beta will be hitting the PSN early in the new year, the developer will be providing a specific January date in the coming weeks. Battlefield 3, which is launching this week will have a code included for the beta so if you’re planning on buying DICE’s FPS, make sure you go for a new copy.
  • The launch date for the new SSX has been delayed by a month. The EA snowboarding title was pencilled in for January 2012 but the new trailer shows a date of 14th February.

Saturday 22nd:

  • The PS Vita games that will require a memory card were leaked. Uncharted, Ridge Racer, Hot Shots Gold, Disgaea 3, Monster Raider and Dream Club Zero will all need the extra space, whilst all other launch games are ok with the in-built memory.
  • It looks as though the PS3 may have been hacked again, with the follow-up to the infamous PSJailbreak, the JB2, appearing online. Several videos have made their way onto the net showing the device utilised to play pirate copies of God of War Collection 2, FIFA 12 and PES 2012.

Sunday 23rd:

  • Early next year a second Portal 2 DLC pack will be released. Valve are currently working on a “major update” that contains a map editor, allowing for an unlimited amount of game time. The first DLC, only recently released, was free, but as this seems to be a much more substantial package, you can expect to be paying a few bucks.
  • Sony Pictures today registered 16 domains for an Assassins Creed movie, seemingly confirming the stories circulating in the media. Ubisoft tied to shun the question when asked by saying “As we’ve stated before, Ubisoft is actively looking for film opportunities for our top brands, there is high interest from top Hollywood studios to collaborate on these brands” but it looks like this deal is done.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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