GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Launch Trailer Is Full Of Nostalgia

Yeah, Uncharted 3 comes out next week, and yes, this is only a slight update to the Wii version of the GoldenEye.  But anyone who is excited about this release coming to PS3 knows exactly what they are looking for, and the above facts won’t matter.  After all, for a lot of us, this is where it all began.  Not with Halo, not with Killzone.

Those of us who didn’t play Doom or Wolfenstein on the PC might have had their first FPS death-match experience on the ol’ N64.  You spent hours upon hours chasing your friends down and planting remote mines in the restroom stall (you know, the one that hid the golden gun).  You had a code of honor, and you didn’t look at your buddy’s quadrant (in split screen).

Those folks don’t care that better-looking games are coming out this month.  Those gamers will watch this launch trailer and remember good times, and expect to relive them again.  The silky-smooth framerate and sharper textures promise a better experience than the one that we were oblivious to as kids (we didn’t care about framerate or blurry textures back then).  So grab your buddies, a pizza, and get ready to enjoy the game that introduced console gamers to competitive FPSs

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