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This week was the first edition of Community Thoughts, a new feature on PSNation, and we saw a pretty good response. The hot topic of the week was of course the announcement of GTA V and here is what YOU had to say on the matter.

Also, be sure to check back in the next few days for the next talking point and hopefully we’ll get an even bigger discussion going. Thanks to those who participated and here’s hoping we’ll be happy come Tuesday morning, when the GTA V trailer launches.

Personally, my opinion is that they need to place a much bigger emphasis on fun, rather than realism – go back to the PS2 heyday (or take a note out of Saints Row’s book). In the past couple of years there’s been a lot of speculation about GTA V being set in London, but I don’t think so. Following Midnight Club: LA and LA Noire, I think the Grand Theft Auto series will also be heading there. Furthermore, I think similar tech will be used to that in LA Noire in terms of the facial animations as well as a significant graphical upgrade.

Podcast co-host Joel:

I’m a fan of Grand Theft Auto but more so from earlier generations. My two favorites are the original on PS1 and GTA III for the PS2. Although improved and more powerful home consoles have afforded Rockstar greater capabilities, that power has seemingly been used in all facets except for fun. When bored I used to pop GTA III in my PS2 and just start running around causing havoc until the relentless police pursuit eventually overcame me. Of course I’d then hit pause and punch in the applicable cheat code to remove the “heat” only to start the entire process over again. The game was a blast to play even when not progressing through the campaign. For GTA V, I’d like to see a renewed focus on the things that make the game fun. Take a step closer to Just Cause 2 and the Saint’s Row franchise by offering insane guns, humongous explosions, and as many user-created mayhem possibilities as can be fit onto a Blu-ray disc.


First of all I am slightly excited about the announcement of GTA V, but at the same time cautious.  After the previous two GTA games San Andres and 4 I was withdrawn from the experience.  Having said that I see the innovations in those games being brought over for the next iteration.  My biggest thing is I hope they go back and use the formula for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which in my opinion by far is the best one in the series even if graphically dated.  Plus I liked stealing the cars and making new ones out of them that was just fun.  What I see coming from GTA V it is more than likely going to be set in a US environment even though it would be nice if it wouldn’t.  It would probably involve playing as an Indian (India) because I think that is the last ethnic group to use for the series.  I think that the open environment is going to be maybe the size of GTA 4, but could be interesting trying to do GTA San Andre’s.  Also I can see a character design method allowing users to pick what they want their character to look and even adding a female playable character would be refreshing; as long as it makes sense with the overall story I am alright with that.  Finally the one thing I predict will be a major thing in this iteration of the series is multiple story lines paths like what we saw in LA Noire resulting in a different outcome to the game.

Richard Nickerson:

One thing I really hope they do is go back and let us play as a previous character in the series. Vice city is one of my favorite games of all time, and I hope
they let us know what happened to Tommy Vercetti. Another thing I really want to see back is the multiplayer. The first week or so of the launch of GTA IV
online was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in gaming ever. One thing I hope they expand on is the co-op play. Give us a full co-op story, or at least
improve on the missions to make them longer, with more than one way to complete them. No matter what happens, keep in mind this is a Grand Theft Auto
game…and has a GTA game ever been bad?

Some strong and well put views from Undeadwolfy:

Hi, regarding GTAV and my thoughts on it, I must say I am very concerned to see as to where the series takes us. I’ve loved all the GTA’s right from the start… until GTAIV. San Andreas has to be, in my opinion, the best Grand Theft Auto game ever created, one of my best games on the PS2 and one of my best games of all time. Just like Josh, I spent many hours on this game on the PS2.

The thing that I loved about GTA3 to San Andreas is that I never felt the NEED to complete any of the story missions. The amount of things you could do outside of the main story such as rampaging with a tank, disrupting neighbourhoods with a fighter jet, flying around in a jet pack, going to the gym, creating territory wars, hanging with your gang, looking for collectibles such as sea shells in pools of water or oceans, customising CJ’s appearance, having long fun car chases with the cops and just generally being an asshole because it was easy and it was fun. GTAIV has to have been my biggest disappointment of this generation in terms of a GTA game. My expectations were very high and I expected more of the mindless chaos and fun I had come to know and love from of San Andreas.

One of the first problems with GTAIV is that it is based upon New York City. Whilst it is a brilliant city in its own right, I don’t believe it was the right choice for a GTA game especially after following the commercial success of San Andreas. It just didn’t provide any freedom. Landscapes such as Mount Chilliad, the long deserts, the eerie forest in “Back O’ Beyond” and casinos in Las Venturas based on Las Vegas were all gone. You were confined to such a restricted map of an almost lifelike representation of New York and this just didn’t allow the type of fun you could have in GTA:SA.

The physics in GTAIV were horrible. Movements were very sluggish and you would find yourself constantly bumbling around on the floor by simply coming into contact with walking pedestrians. The police would make up a reason to hunt your ass down and it would be almost impossible to escape them at times. Trying to lose the cops in GTAIV was more of a chore rather than a fun challenge. Which brings me to the car handling. It seems like they tried to make a vehicle simulator in the handling of vehicles. They were incredibly sluggish to build up speed and braking would seem like you lost control on an ice rink. The vehicle camera was horrendous which didn’t allow you to look into the corner you were taking without you manually moving the camera which restricted things like drive-by shootings which are often required in GTAIV but a pain to pull off. Navigating the city was a bore and I actually ended up using the Taxi’s just to get to where I wanted to go. I never had this problem in any other GTA games from GTA3 because it was fun to drive.

Rather than a short feedback of the series this has turned into a rant of what GTA has become in the last iteration. This is probably because of how disappointed I am in how Rockstar are taking this franchise. The closest thing to the GTA I know and love this generation has been Just Cause 2. Just Cause 2 is not far off from what GTA4 should have been and what I prefer. Even Josh seems to have played Just Cause 2 possibly the same amount he put into San Andreas.

I really hope Rockstar listen to their fans as I have done some site browsing myself and by the looks of things, the majority of GTA fans seem to love how GTA:SA was compared to GTAIV. I hope GTAV goes back to what made GTA great. Otherwise, I’ll just have a passive interest and nothing more.


I think I saw in an article it might be set in LA. So assuming this I believe it will involve the “gangs” in LA under different names of course with the usual sex and drugs. I was hoping GTA 5 would be put out on the new consoles , but seeing how long this cycle has been GTA will probably be able to make this game look and play amazing due to the time they have had if they used it wisely in learning and dealing with the PS3 technology, could be the best in the series….visually at least.

The PS3 version is being held back according to ChazzH69:

Rockstar did an excellent job with their game engine (RAGE) and must of vastly improved it by now, but..

Sadly Rockstar keep the console versions on par with each other which means, the game will only be as good as the weakest console. Thanks a bunch 360.

And finally, an excellent letter from our old cab-owning cousin Roman (or friend of PSNation way2easy):

Dear Dan and Sam,

Hello again Brothers Houser!  This is cousin Roman!  I am so glad that you decided to make this new Game of the Grand Theft about me and my struggles to rise through the cut throat ranks of business to become Chief Taxi driver organizer guy!

I am looking forward to getting the call to come in to studio to record my lines, I have been practicing my sour face and lion face to help with the acting.

I was thinking that I may need love interest in the next game and there is new girl who is new at the cab co. who really looks like she could really warm my bones.

I was also thinking I may need a helper if things get a little, ah, messy.  I have a cousin who lives in the old country who would be perfect.  Can you arrange for him a visa, or smuggle him into the country?  I need his help to pay my rent and he thinks I live in mansion (it’s coming!)

If you need to contact me please to knock loudly on the outside of my dumpster, I am almost always at home.

See you Later Cousins!

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