MonkeyPaw Games Celebrates 1 Year of PSOne Imports with Arcade Hits: Magical Drop and Dezaemon Kids!

MonkeyPaw Games has been busy this year. Over the last 365 they have managed to get 19 titles on the PSOne Imports section of the PSN store. In order to celebrate this anniversary they are releasing today two new titles from series already available via PSOne Imports.

Arcade Hits: Magical Drop is the original game in the acclaimed, and incredibly addictive, puzzle series. Previously MonkeyPaw sated your Magical Drop fix with Magical Drop F. In addition, they listened to the series’ fans, specifically their love of the versus mode in the original Magical Drop, and are making that original experience available today via the PSN.

Dezaemon Kids! is the sequel to the popular create-play-share shooter Dezaemon Plus! For those unfamiliar the Dezaemon series allows you to create your own shmup. Couple that with a slick interface and 100 sample shooters in the game’s library and old school shooter fans should have plenty to mess around with.

Both titles are available today via the PSOne imports section of the PSN Store for $5.99 each.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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