Sonic Generations Launch Trailer and Playground

Sonic Generations is finally upon us, and with this glorious release, we present the official launch trailer for your enjoyment:

SEGA has also done some work with KaBOOM! to build a Sonic themed playground in East Oakland, California as a part of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary celebration. The playground opened today and it looks like the kids in the area are going to have a pretty cool place to play. Check out the photos in the gallery below.

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  • That is possibly the greatest article image I’ve ever seen…

    On topic, I’m genuinely excited about Sonic Generations. Although playing the demo, I found the 2D stages clashed a bit at hight speed. I’m hoping it was just that one zone 🙂

  • Derek / Beaver6622

    Very cool what there doing!  But Josh, you’re such a spinning Sonic nerd ball.

    • Hey, I needed a banner and the thought of that made me laugh, soooooo……