MW3 on store shelves – 6 days early!

Modern Warfare 3 has already started appearing in Kmart stores across the country.

The retailer mistakenly shipped boxes of the game to their 1000+ stores with no note to say it was to be released on Tuesday – instead, employees began stocking the shelves. Copies of the new Call of Duty title started appearing on eBay last night; a full 6 days ahead of it’s scheduled launch.

I’m sorry but if you are employed by the entertainment department of a huge store, how can nobody in that team know when Modern Warfare 3 is launching? Surely they know games aren’t released on a Wednesday?

Proof (if any was needed) that most staff are completely incompetent. Do they even know what a video game is?

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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  • Anonymous

    As much as I’ve fallen in love with Kmart and their incredible gaming deals I will say that none of the Kmarts I frequent have employees working in that department that have clue one about videogames in general.¬† To them, I’m sure stocking a game before an actual release date is something they’ve never even considered.

    It doesn’t make it right and I’m not defending Kmart but they are not like your typical Gamestop or Best Buy where they should know about something like this.

    • Raj S.M.

      I’m not saying it’s a Kmart problem per se (I encounter it over here all the time, at a number of places) and I understand what you mean about them not specialising in games.
      However, you’d still expect them to have at least one person there who knows about games. If a customer needs some help/advice, there should be someone on hand. That someone would also know when new games release.
      Still, it’s funny how one little thing like not writing a note can lead to a huge game being released nigh on a week early, with people getting their hands on it completely legally. Wonder what Activision will have to say on it…

      • Anonymous

        So true…but¬†seriously, someone has to know the release date for MW3. Someone who works at the store has to know about it, or they are just putting on the shelves early on purpose to make money.

  • Anonymous

    Kmart, good and fail at the same time

  • The Kmart in my area is just a pain to get to and is in a bad part of town so I don’t bother with them any more. I’m always tempted to head down there just for these game deals, and these potential early releases.

  • Anonymous

    Kmart does have good deals for videos games but there selection is pretty lackluster.