Corpse Party Headed to PSP November 22nd

XSEED has always managed to find wonderful offbeat games, especially on the PSP, and make sure they come to the US. You can thank them for the likes of Half Minute Hero, Valhalla Knights, and various Ys ports. Now their latest offering is about to hit PSN as a digital download for PSP. Get ready for Corpse Party.

In Corpse Party you are a group of high school students that are stranded in Heavenly Host Elementary, a school that was the setting for a series of murders decades prior. Apparently being the site of numerous killings has done a number on the old place and tortured souls now roam the grounds, like the scariest hall monitors ever. Through each chapter of the game the group of students are striving for the true ending, via a series of adventure game-style actions. Get the wrong ending for a chapter and things aren’t going to turn out so well for you and the rest of your buddies. Corpse Party utilizes a retro 2D visual style, supplemented with hand-drawn art. In addition, the audio, a key component in horror games, will be 3D allowing for further immersion.

If you are looking for a retro-styled, horror adventure game set in a creepy high school – and honestly who isn’t looking for some combination of those descriptors? – then definitely give Corpse Party a look when it releases on the PSN Store for PSP on November 22 for $19.99.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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