(31-06 November) And In Other News…

Monday 31st:

  • DarkStalkers: The Night Warrior was listed by the ERSB for PS3 and PSP, suggesting the fighter will be heading to the PSN soon as a PSOne Classics title.
  • After they blamed “unprecedented demand” last week, EA have now said they’ve “turned a corner” and that the PS3 and PC versions of the game were 100% stable, while the 360 was on 95%. I’m willing to bet by next week there’ll be more problems – this is the EA servers we’re talking about.
  • More follow-up Battlefield news; after last week confirming 10million shipped units, EA now say that around 5million of those have sold. If true, this would make it the fastest selling EA title of all time.

Tuesday 1st:

  • Sony posted a job listing for a new God of War title. They’re looking for a concept artist for, interestingly, a game in the “military/combat genre”. At the moment, there is no name or details – they just called it “Project: God of War”.
  • Following on from the recent RE4 and RE: CV high def remakes hitting the PSN, previously Wii-exclusive games Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles will also be getting the PlayStation makeover. No release date has been announced as of yet.
  • The developer of X-Men Destiny, Silicon Knights has laid off all but 25 employees. This comes in complete contrast to earlier this year, when the studio announced they wanted to grow its team (already at over 100 people) even further using the aid of a government grant worth $3million.

Wednesday 2nd:

  • Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City will have a beta “early next year”. The spin-off takes place between Resi 2 and 3.
  • Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is getting another $1.99 DLC pack. This time, the BBQ Chef bundle gives players “extra moves with various knives, extra health boosts from grilled foods, deadly attacks with condiments, bigger explosions and a new chef outfit”.
  • Following the recent PS3 price drop, Sony saw a positive leap in sales of the console. However, taking Sony’s consumer products division as a whole, they saw a 34.6billion Yen loss. Ouch.

Thursday 3rd:

  • SCEA revealed a Director’s Cut of hit title Heavy Rain. The new version will include the game, DLC, the move patch pre-installed, dynamic themes, the soundtrack and a new front-end menu.
  • Upcoming PS3 title Ridge Racer Unbounded has been given a launch period of March 2012.
  • Another re-release announcement; this time an Ultimate Edition for Fallout: New Vegas, which will include all DLC.

Friday 4th:

  • It looks like PS3 game-sharing may now be over. A new policy that comes in to effect on 18th November makes it so that an account can only be activated on two consoles. Very soon, people could feasibly have 2 PS3s, a PSP and a PSVita, so it could be a bad move from Sony in the long run.
  • Ubisoft have snapped up RedLynx. The Finnish studio has been operating for over a decade and are the brains behind the popular and hugely addictive/frustrating Trials series.

Saturday 5th:

  • Sales figures for Dark Souls were revealed this week – shipping 1million worldwide. Publisher Namco Bandai gave the following figures as estimates: Japan 370k / Rest of Asia 40k / US & Can 620k / Europe 470k.
  • This week of course saw a lot of hype for the new GTA, and the cheeky guys behind Saint’s Row managed to capitalise. They changed the tagline of their website to “Forget Grand Theft Auto” so every time somebody searched for GTA, Saint’s Row was still at the top of the results list.

Sunday 6th:

  • According to reports in France, 6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 were stolen in a truck heist. Two masked men utilised tear gas to knock out the drivers, before throwing them out and taking control of the vehicle themselves.
  • Square Enix revealed the sales figures for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 1.38 million were shifted in Europe, while 800,000 sold in the US. No Japanese figures were given as it was only released there last week.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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