Moon Knight Coming To Marvel Pinball!

I’m not much of a Marvel fan (Superman all the way), but when I do read their comics, I like for them to have the words Moon and Knight written on the top.   So any avid Marvel fan can tell you how often I get excited about my favorite Marvel character showing up in other media (example: never).  He showed up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance as an unlockable character, and… wait, no, that’s it (though I could swear he showed up in some old fighting game, but perhaps it was just a dream).

So when I read the news that the “other” spirit of vengeance was going to have his very own Marvel pinball table in December, I nearly hemorrhaged.

Moon Knight has always been Marvel’s Batman.  He prowls the night looking for bad guys, but he uses his pole staff and devices to defeat his enemies instead of the super powers.  There is some mysticism to the character, particularly regarding his Egyptian influences, but he’s not a mutant or super-powered being.

The trailer attached shows off some of the awesome animations and sequences available within the upcoming table, and it brought a chill seeing my favorite unsung character doing something outside of a comic book page.   Thanks, Zen Studios.

Look for this table in December as a part of the Vengeance and Virtue-themed pinball series.

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