Game of Thrones RPG Being Developed By Atlus

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Atlus. Most would assume this is due to my penchant for off beat games, e.g., Catherine, the Persona series, etc. However, the one defining characteristic that draws me to Atlus is that they are willing to take risks and surprise me. So I was exceedingly pleased when I found out that Atlus, in collaboration with HBO and Cyanide Studios, are planning to bring a Game of Thrones action RPG to the PS3 in early 2012. You threw me another curve ball Atlus and I love you for it.

The Game of Thrones is an HBO series, based on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin – you may have heard of it, as the series and its actors were all over this year’s Emmys. Set in a high fantasy world with various noble families feuding, both openly and through subterfuge and guile, to control the Iron Throne of Westeros, the series has been jokingly described as “the Sopranos in Middle-Earth.” The Game of Thrones game is looking to stay true to the stories established in the novels while utilizing the likenesses of some of the HBO cast. Players will take control of one of two original characters, both former soldiers of Robert’s Rebellion, and will take an active hand in the ongoing struggles for power. In addition, fans can look forward to interacting with pivotal characters in the series as they help shape the future of Westeros over 30-plus hours of action RPG gameplay.

Fans of this unique mash up of high fantasy and political intrigue will need to keep an eye out in the new year as Game of Thrones is set to release in early 2012.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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