‘UMD Passport’ Allows PSVita Owners To Repurchase PSP UMD Games At Discounted Price

While this is something we were hoping to get when the PSP Go was released, it looks like “better late than never” might be the appropriate saying to compliment this recent bit of news.

Along side the Japanese release of the PlayStation Vita, December 17th,  Sony plans to offer the “UMD Passport” program.  This works via a free application that allows users to register their UMD games and receive a discount when buying the digital versions of the same games through the PlayStation Vita digital store.

Again, this would have been an amazing way to welcome early-adopters who purchased a PSP Go, but at least Sony is looking at their next portable launch with some consideration for supporters of their attempt to make hand-held content digital.

At this point, the UMD Passport is only announced for Japan, but hopefully we’ll hear something in the near future about the availability of this program in other territories.

I’m really hoping to get a digital version of Crisis Core at some point.  And it would be simply perfect if I received a discount on a double-dip.

Source: Joystiq

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  • Derek / Beaver6622

    So does every UMD have a unique “code” on it to register for the digital version?

    • Anonymous

      I am just praying that the means to do this doesn’t rely on a code on the UMD’s BOX. Because I’ve gotten rid of the boxes long ago for most of my UMDs.

      • Don’t worry “macho555”, the system is actually pretty cool, no boxes
        required, just put your UMD on your psp and the program will give you access to the game on the Japanese store.

  • Anonymous

    How much is the discount though? If it is not much, it might as well be not worth it.

    • from what I have read it depends on the game

  • lol there are people out there that thinks that Sony is also going to charge to transfer digital psp games to the vita

    I’m not one of them in fact I think there is no way to do it

  • You’ll be able to transfer your PSP saves to your Vita. The transfer
    can be done through the PS Vita Content Management program on your PS3
    or PC. In the case of a PC, you’ll need to install a program called
    “Content Management Assistant for PlayStation.”

    why don’t they just update media go since it already has the feature you can transfer your digital games and saves to and from your pc and psp  with it