Raffle Winners – Extra Life 2011

Emails will go out shortly (maybe tomorrow though, since the Packers play tonight)

Thank you ALL for your help this year. Retroids North raised $11703.77 ($12,765.77 with RPGamer) and almost hit the number one spot for top-earners again this year (We took 2nd to some Youtube guy.) We’ve shown once again that our community is the best, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Winner: Prize:
Adrian Wilson Starhawk T-Shirt
Arik Klingensmith Bastion w/ Soundtrack
Bart Jones Azimuth Action Figure
Brett Bandy Bastion w/ Soundtrack
Brian Kinney Bastion w/ Soundtrack
Brian Kinney Chantelise
Brian Kinney Chantelise
Brian Kinney Dragon Fantasy on iTunes
BridetRachelBradenJasen Black PS Home Cap&Voucher
BridetRachelBradenJasen Black Starhawk T-Shirt
Caitlin Bailey Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Christopher Riccio SIGNED Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition
Christopher Riccio PS Home Cap&Voucher
Damon Bullis Steam code for Cthulhu
Damon Bullis Ys Dogi Shirt
Damon Bullis Bastion Soundtrack
Damon Bullis Chantelise
Damon Bullis Dragon Fantasy on iTunes
Damon Bullis PS Home Cap&Voucher
Daniel Kettering Fantastic Four DLC
Daniel Kettering Steam code for Cthulhu
Daniel Kettering PS Home Cap&Voucher
David Collins PS Home Cap&Voucher
David Collins PS Home Cap&Voucher
David Collins Killzone 3 Limited Edition
David Vongthichack Bethesda Shirt Pack
Edward Pol III PS Home Cap&Voucher
Edwin Hansen Flower,Sun, and Rain for DS
Edwin Hansen $20 PSN Card (US)
Edwin Hansen $20 PSN Card (US)
Eric Meland Zen Pinball 4-pack
Eric Meland $20 PSN Card (US)
Eric Meland Bethesda Shirt Pack
Eric Meland Bastion Soundtrack
Eric Meland Dragon Fantasy on iTunes
Eric Meland Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Geoff Nordmeyer PS Home Cap&Voucher
Geoff Nordmeyer PS Home Cap&Voucher
Geoff Nordmeyer Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Geoff Nordmeyer SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Geoff Nordmeyer Bethesda Shirt Pack
Hannah Lee Captain America DLC
Hannah Lee PS Home Cap&Voucher
Hannah Lee Smallville
Jacob O’Kussick “Hold Armor” R&C
Jacob O’Kussick PS Home Cap&Voucher
Jason Prentice Bastion w/ Soundtrack
Jason Prentice Chantelise
Jason Prentice EA Sports Pack – PS3
Jeff Gillette Starhawk T-Shirt
Jeff Gillette Joel’s Friends List
Joe Thompson PS Home Cap&Voucher
Joe Thompson PS Home Cap&Voucher
John Chao Starhawk T-Shirt
Jonathon Kalmes $20 PSN Card (US)
Jonathon Kalmes Starhawk T-Shirt
Joseph Marchese PS Home Cap&Voucher
Justin Graffius Bastion Soundtrack
Justin Graffius PlayStation Move Sharpshooter
Kari Clemens Starhawk T-Shirt
Kevin Sutton Bethesda Shirt Pack
Krakerjak Captain Qwark Action Figure
Krakerjak Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Kristina Budny Ys 3-pack for PSP
Lawrence Myers Tony Hawk: Shred
Marie Lemire PS Home Cap&Voucher
Marie Lemire Ys Calendar and Ys 7 Art Book
Marie Lemire Bastion Soundtrack
Marie Lemire EA Sports Pack – PS3
Matthew Chirgwin PS Home Cap&Voucher
Matthew Chirgwin Starhawk T-Shirt
Matthew Swope Sony Wireless Headset
Michael Heins SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Michael Vandenberg PS Home Cap&Voucher
Michael Vandenberg SIGNED God of War 3 Collector’s Edition
Mouy Hok Tang Ys 7 Soundtrack
Nikolas Rodriguez Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP
Nikolas Rodriguez Leverage
Nikolas Rodriguez Nariko Action Figure
Nikolas Rodriguez Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Patrick Smith Arche Action Figure
Paul Rich II Legend of Heroes: Heroes in the Sky PSP
Paul Rich II Dragon Fantasy on iTunes
Paul Rich II Dragon Fantasy on iTunes
Paul Rich II PS Home Cap&Voucher
Paul Rich II Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Peter Woodward $20 PSN Card (US)
Peter Woodward PS Home Cap&Voucher
Peter Woodward Starhawk T-Shirt
Peter Woodward Starhawk T-Shirt
PS Level PS Home Cap&Voucher
PS Level EA Sports Pack – 360
PS Level Starhawk T-Shirt
PS Level Killzone 3 Limited Edition
PS Level SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
PS Level SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Richard Court Bastion Soundtrack
Richard Nickerson Ys 7 Shirt
Rick Arabian Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Ryan  Cornillie Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Ryan Hunt Ys The Oath in Felghana Soundtrack
Ryan Hunt Ys 1&2 Soundtrack
Ryan Hunt Bastion w/ Soundtrack
Ryan Hunt PS Home Cap&Voucher
Scott Gengelbach Chantelise
Scott Pearse PlayStation Move Sharpshooter
Scott Pearse SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Sepand Giogini Josh’s Friends List
Sepand Goigini Marvel Pinball 4-pack
Sepand Goigini SIGNED Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Soren Jensen Sweet Tooth Action Figure
Stein Torre Foss PS Home Cap&Voucher
Steven Reefer Bethesda Shirt Pack
Steven Reefer PS Home Cap&Voucher
Sue Marchello Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Tim Hardy Astrogaming A40 Wireless Headset
Tim Moran Killzone 3 Limited Edition
Timothy Lawrence EA Sports Pack – 360
Wilson Hong Glenn’s Friends List

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • Hannah Lee

    Awesome, thanks for doing Extra Life!

  • Anonymous

    How does anyone afford to send all this???

    • By hoping that more people sign up for http://audiblepodcast.com/psnation (who could then cancel if they want to, we still get paid) or by buying some of our stuff at http://zazzle.com/psnation 

      That would at least offset the cost a little bit  😉

    • Have you heard the term “Male Gigolo”?  If Rob Schneider can do it, I’m a shoe-in!

      • Anonymous

        The image that conjured I’ll never be able to drink away Glenn…