Master Rioichi Cooper Joins The Cooper Gang In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

We knew that the return of Sly Cooper was going to be amazing.  But what we learned today takes the “Awesomeness” to the next level.  Glen Egan, President of Sanzaru Games, stopped by the PlayStation Blog today to introduce us to a new character in the Cooper Gang.  But what’s particularly interesting about this new character is that he’s another Cooper.  In fact, he’s Sly’s ancestor, Master Rioichi Cooper.  Check him out below.

Sly and company will be time traveling in this new adventure, and in doing so, they will be encountering some of the Cooper family’s very talented lineage.   According to Glen, each one of these ancestors will be fully playable, and each will have his/her own set of abilities and skills.  But it’s not only about sneaking around in the night and taking down unsuspecting-bad guys.  These new characters all come with their own background and storyline that will tie into the fates of our trusty Cooper gang.  For example, Master Rioichi moonlights as a ninja, but his hideout also dubs as a sushi restaurant.

With this exciting revelation, the anticipation to learn more about these new characters will build as the release date for Thieves in Time draws closer.  While uncredited, the Sky Cooper series is responsible for a gameplay element that has made titles like inFamous the experience that it is today.  In the past, players had to worry about making ridiculous jumps in a 3D environment, resulting in pointless deaths and situations that made otherwise awesome characters look stupid on the screen (how could Shinobi miss such an easy jump).  Sucker Punch added a button command whose sole purpose was to ease you towards incredibly small ledges.  The result, while still challenging, was that the player felt like he was truly controlling a nimble thief.  This same mechanic made its way into inFamous as an automatic function, which is why characters like Cole kinda glide onto narrow power lines with ease.

Look for Sky Cooper: Thieves in Time some time in 2012.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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