Jak and Daxter Collection Trailer

Who didn’t see this coming?  Well, even if we all did, nothing sounds better than a confirmation of a rumor that oozes with anticipation.  So here it is, Jak and Daxter are coming to PlayStation 3 with the Jak and Daxter Collection.  For those of you who have never played this series, here’s a bit of a tip.  This is not (see. repeat) NOT a kid’s game.  Ok, so the first game was a platformer with a bright color pallet, and I could understand if it was compared to the likes of Mario.  But once you dive into Jak II and Jak 3, not only will your see how much darker the story gets, but you will also learn that this series can kick your ass and serve it to you, if you don’t step up your game.   Both of the sequels put you in a post-apocalyptic sand-box world, with hover cars, laser blasters, and untamed environments, with an almost steam punk influence attached to them.

Those who are familiar with the series.  Your day has come.  The trilogy comes packed with 720P visuals, 3D Support (awesome!) and Trophies-Yo!  Look for this series to hit your PlayStation 3 in February 2012.

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