Blu-ray Releases: November 29, 2011

Last week I discussed an annual pattern, and now I regret doing so as my pattern detection system is apparently malfunctioning. What I thought would be a slower week with all the Christmas list Blu-rays already on store shelves, has instead become the second Halloween strangely nestled between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Where were these sets before Halloween? I’m beginning to think, and have been worried about this for years now, that Santa and the Devil are working together. The red suits!? Their names are anagrams (Satan, Santa).

Here’s further proof in the full list of Blu-rays available this week:

• 2011 World Series Highlight Film (A&E)
• 30 Minutes or Less (Sony)
• 5 Days of War (Starz/Anchor Bay)
• Absence of Malice (Image)
• Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Sony)
• Another Earth (20th Century Fox)
• The Art of Getting By (20th Century Fox)
• Cave of Forgotten Dreams – 3D (MPI)
• Chaos Head: The Complete Series (FUNimation)
• Children of the Corn 4 Film Series (Echo Bridge)
• Chillerama (Image)
• Dracula 4 Film Series (Echo Bridge)
• From Dusk Till Dawn 4 Film Series (Echo Bridge)
• Hellraiser 4 Films Series (Echo Bridge)
• Horror Express (MPI)
• Friends with Benefits (Sony)
• Jackie Chan 4 Film Series (Echo Bridge)
• Nature: Radioactive Wolves (PBS)
• Now & Later (Cinema Libre)
• One Day (Universal)
• Our Idiot Brother (Starz/Anchor Bay)
• The Smurfs – 3D (Sony)
• Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (Magnolia)
• VH1 Storytellers: Dixie Chicks (Sony Music)
• WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin (World Wrestling)
• Yu Yu Hakusho: Season 4 (FUNimation)
• Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City (FUNimation)

Scariest flick on that list is definitely the Dixie Chicks. Sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.

All this talk of horror sets and yet my pick of the week is completely unrelated. I’m a huge Jackie Chan fan so therefore I’m going with the Jackie Chan 4 Film Series (Echo Bridge). The set contains one of my favorite Jackie Chan films, Operation Condor, in addition to Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God, Jackie Chan’s Project A and Jackie Chan’s Project A2.

Best part of this set? It’s currently listed on sale at for $10.99 (list price $29.99). Even at full price that’s only $7.50 per film.

If you don’t like Jackie Chan, and I understand there’s a few of you out there, go for the Hellraiser set. Pinhead, Satan and Santa would all appreciate it. Allegedly.

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