Final Fantasy VI Hits PSN This Week

Tomorrow to be exact…

While we try to inform you of the weekly releases to the PlayStation Store, I felt this one particular game was worthy of a bit of limelight.  Considered (by some) to be one of the greatest Final Fantasy of all time, Final Fantasy VI still does something that none of the others subsequent titles managed to do (although Final Fantasy XII did come close).   Final Fantasy VI allows you to pick a character that you like and make them your main character.  Final Fantasy VI isn’t about one character (ie. Cloud, Squall, Tidus).  It’s about all of the characters.  While the other games in the series manage to give some attention to the co-stars, Final Fantasy VI focuses on all of them.  Oh sure, Terra is on the Logo, but I found myself partying with Locke, Celes, Shadow and Sabin.  The game didn’t force a certain character into my party unless it was absolutely required by the story.

And Holy Kefka were their “story” elements to this game.  From the opera house, to air ship battles.  From Shadow’s dream sequences, to Cyan’s dramatic farewell to his family.  Final Fantasy squeezed so much emotion from pixels during a time when 50 million-polygon characters were non-existent.

If you have played this game before, then you understand the excitement of playing this again digitally on your PlayStation 3 and PSP (with a game save that will work on both).  If you haven’t, and you can tear yourself away from normal-mapping and trilinear shading (and Skyrim), then check out this role-playing classic.  It has some of the greatest music in the series (and in a video game in general), and it is an adventure you will not soon forget.

Be advised that this is more than likely an emulation of the PlayStation 1 version of the game, and not a port of the SNES Final Fantasy 3.  Not that there is anything wrong with this, but purist might be turned off by this.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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