Konami Reveals New Screens For NeverDead

We’ve all been there. You work for a mysterious agency that prevents demons from taking over the world and use your immortality as a weapon against them. Another day, another demon defeated, another dollar. That’s the story of Bryce Boltzmann, NeverDead’s protagonist. However, instead of simply getting into a cartoonish cycle of being eviscerated by a demon, getting up punching it in the face, getting eviscerated by a demon… Bryce has decided to use all that space where his arm, which just got torn off, used to be to attach pieces of the demons he has defeated. Effectively turning himself into a modifiable Swiss Army Knife of demon killing. And let’s say things go really poorly for our buddy Bryce and all that’s left is just his decapitated head, well guess what? He will just roll around and look for new body parts to begin again. Check out the screens below to see Bryce enjoying his job. NeverDead, developed by Rebellion Developments, published by Konami, and directed by Shinta Nojiri is headed to the PS3 on January 31, 2012. Happy New Year to us!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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