(28-4 December) And In Other News…

Monday 28th:

  • The man behind L.A. Noire, Brendan McNamara, has revealed his next game is titled ‘Whore of the Orient’.
  • Ubisoft conducted a survey on the next Assassins Creed, one of the questions being about preferred location. The options were Victorian England, Feudal Japan, American Revolution and Medieval China. Each one would be a nice move away from the previous games; here’s hoping for an exciting new adventure.
  • As you may have seen last week, Ridge Racer Vita will only be shipping with 5 cars and 3 courses. Namco have now announced that new tracks and vehicles will be available for download on a weekly basis. These DLC packs will be paid-for though, so this still seems ridiculous.

Tuesday 29th:

  • Chief of SCEE, Jim Ryan, says that the PSP “confused consumers” because people “weren’t quite sure what it was all about” – but with the Vita, they’ll be learning from their mistakes by marketing it as primarily a games console.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma will be arriving on the PlayStation Vita from February next year. Tecmo Koei only mentioned a Japanese release, but it’ll almost certainly make it to the US and Europe.
  • There’s another batch of DLC arriving on DC Universe Online – this one based on The Flash. It contains a new map, new characters and new powers and will be free to subscribers (free players will have to pay $9.99).

Wednesday 30th:

  • Spike TV have teased that the VGA’s will see the reveal of “a PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”.
  • THQ have been posting some ‘interesting’ stats for Saint’s Row The Third – including that there’s been over 2,000,000 dildo deaths. Yes, really.
  • Sony Japan released a list of 262 games available in the UMD passport program, this out of a possible 606 PSP titles on the Japanese store.

Thursday 1st:

  • Rumours have emerged that the next Army of Two game is being worked on; it’ll be using the Frostbite 2 engine (see: Battlefield 3) and the title will be Army of Four.
  • The annual PlayStation exclusive FIFA Interactive World Cup kicked off this week. As always, the winner will be crowned as the best player in the world at the prestigious Ballon d’Or ceremony, where they’ll hang out with the real-life best players in the world and pick up a cool $20,000 cheque.
  • Two key figures at SCEA, Scott Steinberg and Rob Dyer, have left the company ahead of the PlayStation Vita launch. At the moment, there are conflicting reports whether they resigned or were fired.

Friday 2nd:

  • Valve employees have been wearing Half-Life 3 t-shirts to developer events. It’s probably just Valve being cheeky like their usual selves, but you never know I suppose.
  • THQ will be publishing South Park: The Game, an RPG which will be landing on PS3 late next year.
  • An employee of SCE revealed the reason PlayStation Vita has a proprietary memory card (rather than SD, for example) is so “all players have the same stable user experience”.

Saturday 3rd:

  • Konami are releasing a free downloadable AR title for the Vita. Well, the first 5 levels are free anyway. After that, you’ll have the option to purchase further levels as you want them – if you buy every level, it’ll cost around $15 in total.
  • It has come to light that with some EA games, the online passes can expire – meaning if you recently bought NFS: Hot Pursuit for instance, it wouldn’t let you play online even if you picked up a new copy. However, EA have said they will offer you another code free of charge. How nice of them…

Sunday 4th:

  • I personally wasn’t expecting it anyway, but Sony have confirmed that the Vita will not allow background web browsing – meaning if you want to surf the net, you’ll have to quit your game (like on PS3 and PSP).
  • A patch was released for Driver: San Francisco that made several gameplay improvements; including online changes (e.g. less lag), traffic variety, tweaked camera angles on replays and more.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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