PSN Store ’12 Deals of Christmas’ – Offer #4

As well as the 4th EU Christmas deal today, American gamers finally have some festive cheer heading your way. The exact content of the promotion hasn’t been revealed yet – but it’s something to do with the best selling PSN titles of the year. Check the PS+ image on the latest PSN Store Update for the info we have so far.

Here are the deals for 12:00pm GMT December 7th – 12:00pm GMT December 9th:

  • MediEvil is FREE for PS+ members. The PS1 classic platformer is usually £3.99 and weighs in at over 300MB.
  • Section 8: Prejudice, along with 3 DLC packs, is on sale for £7.19 (£6.47 on PS+). It’s not a huge discount, but at that price it may be worth a punt – it’s basically half the cost of the new Battlefield map pack, so presents good value for money.

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  • Anonymous

    Didn’t notice MediEvil, is it any good? Well its free so I guess there is any easy way to find out.

  • Too bad all the free games have been free with Ps Plus already… But nice if you just signed up I guess.