The Last Of US Trailer Wows VGA Audience

At this point in time, I’m not quite sure which is more remarkable:  the mind-blowing Last Of Us trailer, or the fact that Sony was able to keep so much from us for once.  Despite their best efforts, Sony has yet to truly keep an announcement and its contents from the public.  But at this year’s VGA awards, The Last Of Us and its developer were announced to the world.  People speculated that the developer might be anyone from Bungie, to Epic.  I for one sided with the Epic crowd.  Because of the recent release of Uncharted 3, I didn’t really expect for Naughty Dog to have a new title up its sleeves so soon after Uncharted, least of all a new IP.

But here it is.  And it’s quite a looker.  From the slim information that we have been provided, The Last Of Us tells a tale that will be familiar to fans of the undead (ie. the world as we know it is no more, and people are fending to survive).  However, Last Of Us is not about zombies.   The “creatures” that you will be surviving against in this universe are victims of a modern plague that has spread across humanity.  Early investigations of the title’s website yielded short informational videos regarding a fungus that plagues the insect world.  It could be assumed that this deadly fungus eventually managed to make its way into our population.

What Naughty Dog hopes to bring to this survival horror genre is a level of intensity and involvement previously-seen in the genre.  The developer is no stranger to dramatic events and three-dimensional character development (quite literally).  One glimpse of the trailer, and you’ll see that they have come a long way from “Master of unlocking” and “Jill sandwiches”.

Naughty Dog has indicated that further information on The Last Of Us will be withheld for some time, but that won’t stop the internet from digging deep into the elements that we do have and making discoveries of their own.  Rest-assured, the moment we learn anything new about this anticipated title we will be sure to share, almost as if the information itself was a plague that we wanted to spread across the world.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: Video Game Awards

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