(5-11 December) And In Other News…

Monday 5th:

  • Jim Ryan, chief of SCEE, has admitted Sony will now be focusing more on a “slighty younger demographic”, a “family market”, as the PS3 comes down in price. However, he was quick to reassure that “the core gamer will absolutely not be neglected”. In my opinion, it’s no coincidence that XBOX’s heyday was around 2006-9, when they had great first-party core exclusives. Since they went more “family”, the PS3 took over. Sony would be wise to learn from Microsoft’s failings.
  • Konami will be releasing a PES 2012 update soon – correcting a variety of bugs, glitches, freezes and exploits.

Tuesday 6th:

  • The developer of the new South Park RPG claim that the game will be full of “crazy crap” like “swearing and “children dying”. Obsidian also added “we’re not exactly sure how the ERSB is going to react”.
  • Producer of The Last Guardian, Yoshifusa Hayama has left his post at Sony. He will however still be working on the game – he’s being employed in a freelance position to finish development.

Wednesday 7th:

  • Sledgehammer Games have started advertising for jobs on their next Call of Duty title. While we’re on the subject, it’ll be interesting to see whether Infinity Ward begin to be phased out of the franchise or not; it looks like Activision and IW are not making good bed partners at the moment, while Sledgehammer seem to be a bit ‘teachers pet’.
  • After an EU release was recently confirmed, there will also be a Stray Sheep Edition of Catherine. For £54.99, the package will contain the game, a t-shirt, coasters and a poster – all packed inside a pizza delivery box.

Thursday 8th:

  • GameStop have posted an Assassins Creed map pack on their website. The US retailer listed the Mediterranean Traveller pack at $9.99, with a release date of January 24th.
  • Activision announced The Amazing Spider-Man; developed by the same team behind Shattered Dimensions, the new game will be arriving in a years time.

Friday 9th:

  • David Jaffe told Eurogamer that he’d rather not use online passes in Twisted Metal.
  • A new Doctor Who game – The Eternity Clock – will be heading to both PS3 and PS Vita. No release date was announced, but it will be the first in a series of 3 titles.

Saturday 10th:

  • A HD remake of the classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater will be arriving in the first half of next year.

Sunday 11th:

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released around Christmas next year.
  • When asked about the potential of CoD Elite-style services, the head of Take-Two was less than convinced. Speaking at a media and communications conference, Strauss Zelnick said “I can’t tell whether it’s relevant yet. I’m kind of sceptical, frankly.”

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Squawka.com Sub-Editor.

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