PSN Store ’12 Deals of Christmas’ – Offer #7

Poor. Just poor. This is by far the weakest of the deals so far – so much so that it’s hard to even call it a “deal”. Hopefully it’ll pick up again tomorrow.

Also, there’s an update on the US store – the Christmas deals have now gone live and include the 20 best sellers of the year, so be sure to take a look at them on PSN.

Here are the deals for 12:00pm GMT December 13th – 12:00pm GMT December 15th:

  • A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks is FREE for PS+ members. This PS Mini usually costs £1.74, so it’s not exactly the best offer of the month. I guess a free game is a free game though, so it’s hard to complain.
  • This one is slightly easier to complain about though – PSone title Mickey’s Wild Adventure is on sale for £3.19 (PS+). It means you get a huge 80p off! So get on the store now to claim this one-time-only deal of a century. 80p!
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  • Anonymous

    Totally off topic…… but I just got GTA3 on the xperia play.  Holy shit! 
    10 Years ago it was pushing the PS2 in new, unexplored directions.  Now I can play it on my Phone?
    This shit is getting fucking real man.