Sumioni: Demon Arts Coming to PS Vita Courtesy of XSEED

What if Okami was a 2D action platformer, instead of a sprawling adventure with a Link-wolf protagonist? While you may have never asked yourself this question XSEED is set to give you an answer in the form of Sumioni: Demon Arts. Using a sumi-e inspired art style, which is the same traditional Japanese art tradition that influenced Okami, Sumioni allows players to take advantage of the Vita’s touch screen to influence the action. Call down lightning, set the environment on fire, or modify the game’s background environment with just a few touches of your fingers. You use this powers to guide a Sumioni, an ink demon, through the 2D landscape to safety, while avoiding enemy bowman and samurai. Throughout Sumioni’s 30 stages players will gain the ability to utilize various brushes for combined effects. XSEED has always focused on bringing unique titles from Japan to the US, now they continue that tradition on the Vita. Look for Sumioni: Demona Arts in Spring 2012.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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