Twisted Metal boxart revealed

Friend of the PSNation podcast, David Jaffe, has posted an image of the Twisted Metal cover for the US.

Writing on his blog, the man who’s also behind the God of War series said:

“Not 100% final. I think they are gonna add a copter on the front, adjust the hair a bit. But I’d say the front is about 95% locked.”

Before asking fans to pick their favourite of the various rear designs:

“So on the back of the box, the team is still trying to figure out which of these to go with. Clearly some of the text is wrong, missing info (i.e. local play is 1-4 players, not just a single player,developer logo :),etc)…but given the box back is around 80% locked, I figured I’d share that too :)…

Any thoughts on the back of the box? Preferences? I put a poll up on the upper right of the blog; I would appreciate it if you could vote for your fave box back if you have a preference (and have the time). Real curious to see which back of the box people are digging most!”

The front cover is below and you can also see the five back covers on Jaffe’s site; be sure to vote for your favourite while you’re there.

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  • I can’t wait to play this game been a huge twisted metal fan since the very first game

    and that cover looks awesome

  • Anonymous

    No, too scary for Australia.  Sorry David, but could you please change the scary clown into a happy clown or maybe a Mime?  Everybody loves Mimes.
    Also, maybe the shooty, blowy-uppy cars could be made into fluffy bunnies? (or Koala Bears).

    Thanks David, we really appreciate the effort